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Accelerate your app development with Flood, the ultimate Flutter and Dart toolkit that powers rapid prototyping and crafting of production-ready applications with ease.

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Elevate Your UI with Adaptive Styling

Dive into the Style module where defining and applying consistent, adaptive designs across your Flutter app becomes a breeze. Experience the simplicity of setting a few parameters and watching your app come to life with a coherent look and feel.

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Simplified Style Setup

Define your app's vibe with just a background and primary color. Flood takes over from there, applying smart defaults across your widgets for a unified aesthetic.

Responsive Widget Themes

Widgets intuitively adapt to their surroundings, ensuring that your app's color scheme is consistently applied, no matter the context.

Instant Style Verification

Access your custom styleguide at /_styleguide to preview a range of widgets in various states. It's your one-stop shop for ensuring style consistency.


Build Smarter with Modular Flutter Components

The Pond module in the Flood framework offers a streamlined approach to Flutter development, providing a rich set of prebuilt components and the flexibility to add custom ones, simplifying app infrastructure like never before.

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Rich Component Library

Dive into development with everything from environment configuration to push notifications at your disposal. Focus on crafting unique features, leaving the foundational elements to us.

Custom Component Flexibility

Integrate components that tap into your app's lifecycle or introduce custom CLI commands, ensuring cohesive functionality. Access these tailored components from anywhere in your app, enhancing flexibility and control.

Effortless Integration

Integrating into your existing Flutter app or CLI automation is as simple as a few lines of code. Get up and running quickly, enhancing your app or automation tasks with minimal effort.


Effortless Form Creation, Validation, and UI

Flood revolutionizes form creation and validation, turning complex processes into a delight. Experience the magic of auto-generated form UIs that not only look great but are also fully functional out of the box. Validation is no longer a tedious task but an integrated, hassle-free feature, ensuring your data integrity and user input accuracy with minimal effort.

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Automatic UI Generation

Automatically generate user interfaces for your forms, complete with customizable fields for text input, validation rules, and display options, streamlining the development process.

Versatile Field Types

Choose from an extensive array of field types, including dates, colors, and nested Ports, to cater to a wide range of data input requirements, making your forms more dynamic and user-friendly.

Custom UI Overrides

Gain full control over your form's appearance by overriding the default UI, allowing for custom widgets and field arrangements that perfectly align with your design vision.


Simplify Your Data with Flood

The Drop module empowers your app's data layer by using Domain-Driven Design to structure data models, automatically generating create/edit forms for seamless user interaction, and ensuring real-time updates. This approach simplifies data management and enhances the user experience by keeping your application responsive and up-to-date.

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Intuitive Data Modeling

Leverage DDD principles to define your ValueObjects, Entities, and Repositories directly in Dart, mirroring or defining your database structure for seamless data management.

Seamless Port Integration

Drop's automatic Port generation for ValueObjects eradicates the need for manually crafting create/edit forms, with the flexibility to customize as needed.

Reactive Data Updates

Ensure your app stays up-to-date with live query updates; any Entity modification triggers an instant refresh across all relevant useQuery() hooks.


Deploy smarter, not harder – Automate your way to efficiency.

Simplify your Flutter app's build and release process with our Automate module. Designed to make your development workflow more efficient, this module automates critical tasks, from app distribution to security rule management, so you can focus on creating great apps.

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One-Command Deployment

Launch your app on the Play Store, Testflight, and Firebase hosting using a single command. Flood guides you through versioning, changelogs, and secrets management, making deployment a breeze.

Security Rule Automation

Generate and deploy Firebase security rules directly from your Drop repositories. Ensure your app's data is protected with up-to-date rules, without manual hassle.

Native Asset Generation

Automatically create app icons and native splash screens from your assets. Our helpers adjust background color and padding to enhance visibility, ensuring your app shines from the start.


Enhanced Debugging Capabilities

The Debug module provides an intuitive suite of tools designed to streamline your app debugging process. From in-depth logs to inspectable queries, make your development smoother and more efficient.

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Comprehensive Debug Dashboard

Access a customizable debug page featuring app logs, device files, repository inspections, and more, all in one place for efficient troubleshooting.

Advanced Log Management

Dive into detailed session logs, review historical data, and enable easy log sharing for quick issue resolution and feedback.

Interactive Debug Dialogs

Add a debug layer to your pages to inspect queries and their outcomes, enhancing transparency and aiding in real-time debugging.

And More...

Adaptive Environment Configuration
Optimize your app's configuration seamlessly with the Environment component, ensuring it smartly adapts to every stage. Our system automatically tailors repository data sources based on the environment—local data for testing, device storage for regular use, and cloud services like Firebase or Appwrite for production, offering full customization for peak efficiency.
Type-Safe Navigation
The Path module streamlines your app's navigation with type-safe routing and advanced deep linking, ensuring seamless and error-free user journeys on mobile platforms.
Advanced State and Model Management
Take control of your application's state with Flood's advanced management system. Efficiently handle data states and transitions, ensuring your UI is always in sync with the underlying data.
Seamless Integrations with Leading Services
Flood seamlessly integrates with popular services like Firebase and Appwrite, offering a wide array of functionalities right out of the box. From authentication to real-time databases, push notifications, and more, these integrations empower your apps to leverage cloud capabilities effortlessly, enhancing scalability and user engagement.
Flexible and Extensible Framework Design
Flood is designed with a composable architecture at its core, facilitating effortless customization and addition of new functionalities to keep your projects innovative and adaptable.
Production Ready
Flood has been rigorously tested in real-world applications, ensuring reliability and performance for your production needs.

Coming Soon

Peek into the Future of Flutter Development with Flood

Asset Management Integration
Soon, Flood will introduce an integrated asset management system, enabling you to efficiently manage and deploy your application's assets, ensuring they are optimized and accessible when needed.
Offline Synchronization Capabilities
Get ready for robust offline data synchronization features, allowing your applications to remain functional and up-to-date, even without a constant internet connection.
Fully-Fledged Backend Service with Dart
Anticipate the launch of a comprehensive backend service, entirely written in Dart. This will allow seamless backend integration, opening new horizons for full-stack Flutter development with Flood.

Flood Video Walkthrough

Want to See Flood in Action?

Join Jake Boychenko, the creator of Flood, as he guides you through building a complete Todo app from scratch using the Flood framework. In this comprehensive 1.5-hour video walkthrough, you'll learn how to leverage Flood's modular architecture and powerful features to streamline your Flutter and Dart development process.

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Getting started with Flood is a breeze, thanks to its comprehensive documentation, pre-configured template, and step-by-step setup guide. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, Flood provides all the tools and resources you need to kickstart your Flutter development journey and create stunning, efficient apps in no time.

What do Early-Access Developers Say About Flood?

Photo of Daniel Manley

Daniel Manley

Flutter Freelancer

"A permanent addition to my developer toolkit! Flood has made my experience as a freelance developer simple, easy, and efficient. The tooling and services provided by this package has saved me countless hours of backend setup. Handling data-driven applications has been made into a seamless developer experience. I would recommend Flood for any Flutter application."

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